Preparations for Heritage Festival begin in earnest in September when the women and men of the church and community gather once a week to bake their famous apple pies.

Made with "Paula Red" apples from Green Mountain Orchards, over 200 apple pies are lovingly crafted.

The pies are sold in the Church Deli or outdoor food tent by the slice (with ice cream).

Or ... you can take home a Whole Pie!

At Heritage Festival you will find a varied menu ...

    at the inside Church Deli . . .

    . . . and in the outdoor Food Tent ...

    (The webmaster recommends the egg & sausage muffin in the A.M., the sizzling angus beef hamburgers, and the veggie pizza, but you won't go wrong with anything on the menu.)

    Plus - a Popcorn Tent that also has Caramel Apples ... 
    ... and around the Common you will find
    specialty foods to take home and delight your taste buds.
      Maple Syrup from Newell Farm (West Wardsboro, VT)
      Honey from Stone Arch Apiaries (Brookline, VT)

      Specialty Quince Products from Vermont Quince Company (Newfane, VT)